Desent 15

We are INsight, a team of 3 INterior + environmental design students at DJCAD! And we are excited to be starting our Design Enterprise module this semester and learn how to become inspired entrepreneurs. Over the next few weeks we are going to be getting an insight into the business world behind design and as a team going out and meeting some enterprising design companies that we admire.

So far we have some influential lectures, workshops and guest speakers that have sparked our interest in design enterprise.

Here are some of the key notes we took away:

  • Being enterprising puts you in control of your life
  • ‘Indie Capitalism’

Creative cultures are inspiring start-ups. The term ‘Indie Capitalism’ describes a new economy that reflects many similar values and social structures of the independent music scene. Indie Capitalism is a post-global, local economic phenom that feeds of the cultural and entrepreneurial energy of creative urban cities. This new way of thinking and doing has no clear boundaries between consumer and producer, investor and shopper, we are all involved in everything.

  • There is a seismic economic and cultural shift towards enterprise
  • ‘Make a job. Don’t take a job’
A report by Barbara Gunnel and Martin Bright

A report by Barbara Gunnel and Martin Bright

  • There is a rise of creative industries and individuals
  • Use social media to help you professionally (like this blog!)
  • 4 tips for an enterprising future
  1. Learn how to make something
  2. Education is not the whole answer
  3. Don’t listen to your parents! (the older generation might not understand the world today)
  4. Don’t worry about network. Worry about your friends
  • As students we have the freedom to take a risk and fail
  • Helpful steps for our project
  1. Select subject
  2. Define issues
  3. Approach
  4. Background research
  5. Interview
  6. Analysis
  7. Present
The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek